Seit über 20 Jahren Ihr Ansprechpartner für Messezimmer in ganz Deutschland
Seit über 20 Jahren Ihr Ansprechpartner für Messezimmer in ganz Deutschland 

Condizioni contrattuali generali

1. Scope: Wi.M.A. Wiese Mediation Agency  (short as Wi.M.A.)                                                    

Wi.M.A. Wiese Mediation Agency deals with the mediation of accomodation in hotels, private rooms and apartments. Booking creates a mediation contract between the user and Wi.M.A. A binding contract of mediation arises in that moment when Wi.M.A. accepts your written, telephone, email or personal booking. Thus your booking is binding and our General terms and conditions are valid.

The hotel reservations contract exists directly between the guest and the hotel/apartment owner/landlord.

Wi.M.A. is obliged to pass all the data and information of the reservation between the guest and the hotel/apartment owner/landlord. Contracts for the relevant services are concluded directly between users and the accomodation chosen. All descriptions concerning the hotels/apartments derive from the informations given to Wi.M.A. by the owners. We are only liable for the correct communication of data and the payments. The room price fixed is to be paid in advance against invoice to Wi.M.A.

Wi.M.A. doesn’t offer any travel services for which it is liable and is not bound by the regulations contained within §§ 651 a ff. of the German Civil Code.


The company to which Wi.M.A. has sent the offer is obliged to treat all of the messages and documents in strict confidence. In case that he or a third party will contact directly the objects offered by Wi.M.A. in order to book on his own or to take other economic advantage, he has to pay to the company Wi.M.A. for the lost commission, without any proof of loss on Wi.M.A.’s part.



2. Bookings                                                                                                                                                 

1.All reservations are relayed to the relevant hotel/owner/landlord by Wi.M.A. acting as communicating messenger.

2.The prices are final prices for the user – including already our service charges. Thus the transfer or sale of rooms booked through Wi.M.A. is not permitted.    


3. Contract and payment                                                                                                                

Contracts for the relevant services are concluded directly between users and their chosen hotel/landlord. The room price confirmed – if not agreed differently – has to be paid in advance via bank transfer directly to Wi.M.A. In any case the renter has to pay a minimum reservation deposit of 30% within 2 weeks after booking the rooms and the residual amount until 6 weeks prior to arrival against our invoices. All rights and obligations arising from the hotel contract, especially any rights and obligations stipulated in §§ 651a ff.of the German Civil Code, apply directly and exclusively between the person booking the room and his chosen hotel.


4. Changes and cancellations:

To avoid misunderstandings, changes and cancellations should always be made through Wi.M.A. For any cancellation- independently for what reasons- a minimum charge of 20% of the cancelled value of the mediation contract has to be paid. For cancellations from the reservation’s contract with the hotel are valid the regulations of any individual hotel .Generally for bookings on the occasion of exhibitions are valid the following rules:

Cancellations up to 8 weeks prior to arrival:                                                            

20% of the booked value has to be paid

Cancellations from 8 weeks up to 4 weeks prior to arrival:                                                  

50% of the booked value has to be paid

Cancellations 4 weeks prior to arrival:                                                                     

100% of the booked value has to be paid

If the rooms can be re-rented, 80% of the amount will be refunded to the client.



For private rooms and apartments the cancellation terms are:

For any cancellation a minimum charge of 20% of the cancelled value of the mediation contract has to be paid. From 42 up to 30 days prior to arrival 50% und from 30 days prior to arrival 90% of the total sum are due.In case of re-renting the rooms to other customers there has only a cancellation fee of 10%to be paid.

If payments don’t arrive in time the hotel/landlord has the right to re-rent the rooms. The guest will then no longer have the right to stay at that hotel.



The holding of a trade fair or similar events is part of the guest's personal risk area and does not release him from the obligation to pay if these events are canceled. The cancellation of the event alone does not constitute a case of impossibility of the booked service.

The omission of the business basis (§ 313 BGB) for the accommodation cannot be applied in this case, as this special event would have to be the basis of the contract. However, this is only to be answered in the affirmative in cases in which a special "trade fair" package would have been sold and booked, i.e. In addition to the overnight stay, other services such as half board, full board, shuttle service or other services. 



5. Hotel-categories, information about hotels and private accomodation, apartments

The internationally-recognised system of star ratings for hotels gives a non-binding impression of the quality of each hotel and is based on the self-assessments by the hotels as well as additional information about or descriptions of hotels. Private rooms and apartments have been visited by Wi.M.A. before accepting them for the pool – nevertheless all further informations are based on the statements of the landlords/owners.


6. Prices

a. All hotel prices include the room charge,if mentioned also breakfast, taxes, cleaning, service charges.

b. Private rooms: In this case you stay together in one house/apartment with the landlord.

Breakfast has to be booked seperately and will be served by the landlord in a separate

dining room. Daily cleaning, change of towels every 2 days. All room prices + applicable


c. Apartments: All apartments are equipped with kitchen, restroom, sleeping rooms/

living-room with sleeping facility. The prices are based on the occupancy by 1 person/

room-any further person will pay a surcharge. Daily cleaning of the apartment and change

of towels every 2 days, change of linen on demand. The apartments are to the entire use

of the guests! Minimum stay of 3 nights . Prices + applicable VAT.

d. Alterations from 6 b and 6 c have to be fixed in written form in offer and confirmation of



7. Data protection

Only data required for booking is passed on. Data is not passed on for any other purpose.



8. Miscellaneous

Although the utmost care has been taken in collating the available information, Wi.M.A.

cannot accept any liability for errors that may arise during data entry or data transfer.

All contractual relations are bound by German national law. The place of performance is Lehrte. The court of jurisdiction will be that in Hannover for businessmen or those who do not have a German court of jurisdiction. In all other cases, the legally-stipulated court of jurisdiction will apply.



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